Alex Bhathal for Batman

About Alex


Portrait of Alex Bhathal

I live in Preston with my husband Peter, a local GP, and my two boys, who go to local schools. I’m a social worker and have spent my whole life helping children, young people and refugees.

For the past 30 years I’ve called this community home. I’m so proud to live in the most progressive electorate in the country. I have always been a strong, independent, local voice for the people of Batman.

I’m also passionate about refugee and migration rights advocacy, having visited immigration detention centres for many years.

I’ve seen first-hand the devastating human impact of Liberal and Labor’s inhumane detention policies, and worked on the People’s Inquiry into Detention.

As a Sikh Australian, I’m actively involved in Australia’s rapidly growing Indian and South Asian communities and committed to championing diversity and multiculturalism.

You can count on me to continue to be a passionate community advocate fighting for the issues you care about – closing the camps and bringing refugees here, stopping coal and transitioning to renewables, ending inequality and homelessness, and cleaning up the political donations corrupting the old parties.